NetScaler Gateway Plug-in

Citrix Systems, Inc. – Shareware – Windows

The NetScaler Gateway Plug-in is software developed by Citrix Systems, Inc. that provides secure remote access to web applications and virtual desktops. It allows users to securely and easily connect to corporate resources from any device, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

  • The Plug-in features strong encryption and two-factor authentication to ensure secure remote access.
  • It supports a variety of authentication methods, including LDAP, RADIUS, and SAML.
  • The Plug-in can be installed on Windows and Mac computers, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.

The NetScaler Gateway Plug-in is a reliable and user-friendly tool for organizations that want to provide secure remote access to their employees or customers.


NetScaler Gateway Plug-in это программное обеспечение Shareware в категории (2), разработанная Citrix Systems, Inc..

Проверяли обновления 31 раз пользователями нашего клиентского приложения UpdateStar в прошлом месяце.

Последняя версия NetScaler Gateway Plug-in в настоящее время неизвестна. Первоначально он был добавлен в нашу базу данных на 28.11.2014.

NetScaler Gateway Plug-in работает на следующих операционных системах: Windows.

NetScaler Gateway Plug-in не был оценен нашими пользователями еще.

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